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      Welcome to Psychobabble, a video series about                                                                         psychotherapy and psychology. 

#1. Can we cure anxiety and depression?

#2. The Unconscious Mind

#3. Introducing the case of Carla.

#4. Carla's defense mechanisms

#5. How should the therapist respond to Carla's story of a troubled childhood?

#7. How I listened to my wife, wrote a book anyway, and drank tea with Sigmund Freud.

#9 What is emotion?

#11 What does modern Freudian psychotherapy look like?

#13. How do we know when a patient is done with psychotherapy?

#15  Leave the bad boyfriend? Or leave your therapist?

#17 The Burden of Guilt in Psychotherapy

#19. "Your picture is crooked." Narcissistic  personality traits. 

#21. The Four Patterns of Attachment

#6. Why should Carla "get in touch" with her feelings?

#8. Suicide rates have risen in the U.S. What can the therapist do to help? 

#10 Depression is not a genetic disease. 

#12 How did talk therapy begin? The case of Anna O.

#14. Another bad boyfriend? Why do people get stuck in patterns of bad relationships?

#16 Thou Shalt Not Bad-Mouth Thy Mother and Father.   

#18 Real Guilt from Real Deeds

#20.  "I need him like I need air."  Dependent personality traits. 

#22 "I couldn't get up for class."  The self-defeating personality style. 

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