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With the fascinating literary device of an imaginary dialogue with Freud at its center, Steven Sandler’s Tea With Freud offers a panoply of insights regarding unconscious mental functioning, the nature of psychotherapy, and the ubiquitous anguish of the human condition.  Part history, part Freudiana, part explicatory discourse, Sandler’s book is fun to read and highly instructive as well.

Salman Akhtar, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Thomas Jefferson University

Training and Supervising Analyst

Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Steven Sandler's Tea with Freud.  As a writer myself, I so appreciated the light touch, grace, and charm with which Dr. Sandler was able to weave historical psychoanalytic notions, compelling case transcripts, and touching personal revelations into a gripping evolutionary tale. I loved learning so much so effortlessly. I particularly appreciated the ending. I've already given away my first copy... now ordering more to have on hand for sophisticated clients. I'll be highly recommending this book to friends and colleagues for years to come.

Penelope Y Andrade, LCSW

Author: Emotional Medicine Rx

While I frequently teach about Freud in my psychology classes, I have never been a huge fan of his. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself completely engaged with this book from the first chapter. Sandler brings Freud's ideas and theories to life in such a vibrant manner that I felt as though I was sitting there chatting with Freud myself. I especially appreciated the way he weaved in more modern theories and applications of psychology with the psychoanalysis of the past. Well written and intensely creative, I will be sure to recommend this book to my students who are seeking to understand more about Freud's contributions to today's psychology.

             Lisa Workman

             Roanoke, VA.

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